The Speak To Influence Toolkit! Persuasive Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Most Confident And Successful People Revealed!

A special message from Susan Berkley, voice of AT&T and author of “Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Voice”

“Introducing: The Speak To Influence Toolkit!
Persuasive Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Most Confident And Successful People Revealed!” 

Discover how you can improve your speaking voice and become a more confident speaker… practically overnight

Dear Friend,

Do you like the way you sound? When you hear your recorded voice does it even sound like you?

Do you think you sound nasal, squeaky, boring, wimpy or weak? Do you feel that people aren’t listening or taking you as seriously as they should?

Despite what you might think, you’re not stuck with your speaking voice. Nor should you take it for granted.

Your voice can have a profound impact on how successfully you influence and persuade others. Your voice effects how seriously you are taken… how respected you are… the results you get with clients, co-workers or vendors in business, with lovers or spouse and children in your personal life.

Your voice can be a powerful secret advantage you very deliberately use for influence and persuasion (just as actors and people paid thousands of dollars per minute to record commercials do)…or it can be a handicap, undermining the impact of everything you say.

Here’s why.

Voice works on a subconscious level even more than on a conscious level. There is ‘voice detection technology’ used by law enforcement agencies and in corporate espionage. It works much like a lie detector-but without the person being judged knowing that it’s happening.

However, every individual has similar “technology” installed in their own subconscious. It judges truth, veracity, substance, gravitas and authenticity constantly in all the voices that try to influence you.

This goes on all the time and is one of the five “feeds” from the subconscious to the conscious that directly determines whether you are accepted, believed and paid attention to.

For example, does your voice quiver when you quote your price or fee?
It might not seem that people notice, but they do.

Your voice has amazing, untapped power to paint vivid pictures in the mind of your listener. That power is locked away inside you. All you need is the key.

Here’s what this is all about. I’m Susan Berkley, president of The Great Voice Company. And if you heard me right now (rather than reading this), my own voice might be familiar to you. I’m a top voice over artist and the telephone voice of Citibank.

Recently, a commercial I voiced sold over $50 million dollars worth of product for one of my customers.

I didn’t think twice about it because it happens pretty frequently until I happened to mention it to a friend of mine in passing.

“You did WHAT!!?!” he said.” People would kill to know your secrets! How did you do that?”

Actually I’d never thought about how I do what I do. And then I realized that I had some speaking secrets to share that could really help a lot of people. So I sat down and created my Speak To Influence® vocal persuasion toolkit.

The truth is, many people are completely unaware of the tremendous impact their voice has on their failure or their success, 

And this might have something to do with why they…

  • Don’t close as many deals as they would like
  • Don’t get the promotions they deserve
  • Don’t gain the respect of other people
  • Can’t get people to call them back

Introducing: The Speak To Influence Toolkit, a comprehensive voice mastery training program.

With my help and your newly acquired voice mastery skills, you’ll be on your way to enjoying:

  • Better sales conversions.
  • More prospects becoming clients.
  • More clients spending more money.
  • More clients becoming less price resistant.
  • Greater cooperation from employees and vendors.
  • More influence in your community.
  • More influence in your personal life.

And that’s just for starters!

My Speak To Influence Toolkit is like having me by your side, helping you “get” my voice mastery secrets, tips and techniques in the fastest and easiest way possible.

You’ll be absolutely stunned by your new-found powers of influence and persuasion. Just imagine how they’ll work like magic in your business and personal life!

  • Feel confident and assured that your voice is the absolute best it can be
  • Break out the champagne as you close that big deal
  • Pump your fist and shout ‘YES’! as your boss congratulates you on the awesome presentation

Introducing my special guest: Dr. Susan Miller

When I put together the Speak To Influence Toolkit I wanted to make sure I included the best possible resources to help you. So I invited one of the top voice experts in the country, Dr. Susan Miller, to join me on this program.

Dr. Miller is an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at the Georgetown University Hospital, a scientific fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology and a certified speech-language pathologist. ..

For over 30 years, Dr. Miller has coached professionals and executives in presenting to boards, selling their messages to groups, and influencing colleagues and customers.

She’s worked with big names in media and politics to help them enhance their speaking voice and overcome voice problems.
Take a look at what they have to say:

“Your Refresher Course in vocal control and your professional advice have been
invaluable. Thank you for helping me re-focus on my technique, I can’t afford to leave home without it!”

Bill Plante
CBS WHite House Correspondent

“Dr. Miller, thanks to your help, we beat that ugly virus that forced me off the air for 4 weeks! Your vocal training enabled me to successfully transition from a professional athlete, to a former athlete who speaks professionally. Thanks for saving my voice!”

Rick “Doc” Walker
SportsTalk 980 Mid-Day Host & former Washington Redskin

“Dr. Miller is a gifted voice trainer. She knew immediately that I was having difficulties as a result of Spasmodic Dysphonia, and helped me to move through the different phases of treatment for that disorder. In addition, she helped me to strengthen my delivery. I’m so grateful to have Dr. Miller as part of my healing and coaching team.”

Diane Rehm
Host & Executive Producer
The Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio

What I’m about to share with you is quite unlike anything you’ve heard or read before. While everyone else struggles and guesses at what might work to gain confidence and beat speaking stress, Dr Miller and I will teach you exactly how some of the most confident and successful speakers use specific techniques to:

    • Gain instant voice control to sound cool, calm and collected even on your most stressed-out days (A little known technique broadcasters use every day).
    • Take advantage of the secret “38% factor” that every master communicator knows.
    • Overlooked in meetings? Not any more! Follow my instructions and people will hang on your every word
    • What causes many speakers to lose their voices? How do pros bounce back fast? The answer can save your life on an important speaking day.
    • The honest, moral and ethical way to influence others. Yes, you’ll use these vocal persuasion techniques and still sleep like a baby.
    • Speak for hours without strain or stress. 8 quick and easy vocal warm ups that will give you amazing stamina.
    • Sound irresistibly attractive to others (this not only works in business, but in your personal life too!).

…and much, much more!

So here’s the “deal”: to prepare this program I had one of my colleagues interview me about my best persuasive speaking techniques and then I spent an entire day in the recording studio with Dr Miller interviewing her about how to care for and optimize your voice.

I had her walk me through and demonstrate her best and most powerful vocal warm up and strengthening exercises so you can follow along and get great results in just minutes a day.

What’s included in the Speak To Influence Toolkit?

The Speak To Influence Toolkit includes 3 CDs and transcript so you can follow along and get to work immediately experiencing the benefits of this “best-in-class” voice mastery training.

How Much?

Frankly, The Speak To Influence Toolkit is a drop dead bargain. My non-negotiable fee for a private “work-shop” is a minimum of $1,000 for a two-hour session. And some companies have paid as much as $30,000 to bring me on site to work with their executives and sales teams and deliver this training.

But you’re not even going to pay a fraction of that amount. Nope. Because it’s high time someone gave a boost to business and sales professionals struggling with their presentations. In this economy it would frankly be a sin to keep these secrets from the people who want them and need them the most.

Here’s the good news: You can have my Speak To Influence Toolkit for just $197 (plus shipping and handling). Why so low? Because it’s just the right thing to do. But you’re not going to risk a penny because you’re covered by my astounding…

1 Year 100% Money Back


 Unconditional Guarantee

Order my Speak To Influence Toolkit without fear and check it out for a full 365 days. If you’re not blown away by what you see and hear simply send the package back (in any condition) …and we’ll refund your $197 immediately
No questions asked and no hassles. We’ve been in business for 27 years and our reputation is staked on being straight and honest with our customers. We treat you the way we wish other businesses treated us-with immediate shipping, strict courtesy (the customer is always right) and prompt refunds when requested.

There’s just one small problem: you must HURRY!

I’ve only created a limited number of these packages …and I’m not sure when I will have more. SO it’s important that you order right now, while we still have them in stock. If you wait, you may miss out.

Here’s what to do now:

Your order will be processed on our secure server.

Questions? Call 800-333-8108 x 229 or

Or call 800-333-8108

(Office hours: 9am-5 pm ET M-F)

Or, if you prefer to pay with a check or money order (made payable to The Great Voice Company Inc.) mail your $197 payment (please add $7 for shipping and handling…total $304) to:

The Great Voice Company Inc

110 Charlotte Place

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Again, you are completely covered with my 1-year 100% unconditional guarantee so you don’t risk anything. But you must hurry. This is life changing information for anyone who wants to turn their voice into their most powerful tool for influence and persuasion, Order now while its fresh on your mind.


Susan Berkley
Susan Berkley
Susan Berkley
Founder, The Great Voice Company

PS. Let me be perfectly clear. I am not suggesting the Speak To Influence Toolkit will work for you… I am guaranteeing it will. It must work for you or you don’t pay a penny.It doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like or what kind of uncomfortable speaking situation you may have experienced in the past. I can help you improve the sound of your speaking voice and turn discomfort into ease.

Your order will be processed on our secure server.

Questions? Call 800-333-8108 x 229 or

Or call 800-333-8108

(Office hours: 9am-5 pm ET M-F)

VoiceShaping® User Testimonials

“Your VoiceShaping® program helps solve one of the biggest problems faced by sales people in high level selling: how to get in rapport with a prospect. This unique, valuable method teaches a sales person how to increase sales by using his/her voice to tailor the presentation to a particular type of personality. Thank you for teaching us how to add music to the words in selling.”

Hilton Johnson
MLM University

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida

“I recommend Susan Berkley and her VoiceShaping® program without reservation. She knows her stuff – and more important – she shows you how to bring out the power and glory of your voice.”

Burt Dubin
Creator of the Speaking Success System

Kingman, Az

“You’ve really hit a home run on this one! There are excellent presentation and sales skills here. It is obvious you really know your business.”

Greg Hillman
McCullough Eberhart Investment Corp.

Dallas, TX

“After listening to Susan Berkley’s VoiceShaping® course, I became aware of the powerful effect my voice has upon my audience. Now simply by controlling my voice, I am able to see my listeners respond to various techniques taught to me by Susan. They absorb more in less time. The result: my prospects become clients much faster!”

Richard Hallam
National Accounts Mgr, software applications firm

Edison, NJ

“I have been involved in sales for over 20 years and found VoiceShaping® to be a tremendous help in training my sales force.”
Teri L. Crockford

Sales Manager
Hane Industrial Training

Terre Haute, IN

“A brilliantly clear and concise program on how to boost your vocal charisma. World class advice plus lots of practical tips.”

Susan Mach
LS Mach Communications

Kearny, NJ

“We highly recommend VoiceShaping® to our customers as an essential tool for increasing sales and making a powerful (and profitable) first impression.”

Audri and Jim Lanford
Boone, NC

Speak To Influence

Achieve greater confidence and credibility by improving the sound of your voice. Speak without stress and project a polished professional image.

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