Introducing the “Building Trust With Your Voice” E-Learning Program

At its core, a world-class brand is a promise of quality and trust.

Yet trust can inadvertently be undermined by sales and customer facing team members who lack voice mastery. It’s not their fault, but they have never been trained in this basic leadership and career-building skill.

The result can be cringe-worthy: sloppy inarticulate speech, customer service reps who sound bored and apathetic, sales people who mumble or race, managers unable to lead and inspire their teams. You might as well put up a sign proclaiming, “Don’t take me seriously,” “Customers not wanted here,” or “I’m not the person you thought you needed.”

More than just your average presentation skills program, Building Trust With Your Voice ™ is the first program to empower participants to enhance trust and credibility through advanced voice mastery techniques.

Building Trust With Your Voice ™ was developed by Susan Berkley, author of Speak To Influence: How To Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice and one of the most listened to voices in America. A top voice over artist, Berkley is the voice of AT&T and Citibank and founder of The Great Voice Company.

Voice over experts like Berkley are among the most highly effective and skilled sales people, able to use their finely tuned voice mastery skills to turbo charge any sales and corporate message, with often stunning results.

For example, just one of the :60 TV commercials Berkley voiced sold $50 million worth of product for her customer. She realized she had a skill that would be extremely beneficial to sales and customer service teams and business leaders.

Partnering with an award-winning instructional design team, she created the Building Trust With Your Voice ™ program to help teams overcome the trust barrier in selling and to help companies develop a consistently professional Voice Brand™ in all customer facing interactions.
As a world leading authority on voice and trust, The Great Voice Company will bring uniquely effective, proven programs to our partnership with you. We have helped organizations implement transformative learning and development initiatives such as:

Advisors Excel, a national financial services marketing organization with over $5 billion in annuity sales. Empowered the New Business Team and Customer Service Group with powerful advanced voice mastery techniques to enhance problem-solving and conflict resolution

Skanska, a world-leading project development and construction group helped female business leaders in construction and engineering optimize their voices, discover how to make the most of their unique Vocal Influence Type™ and enhance persuasive speaking skills to become more comfortable and effective communicators, especially in the male-dominated construction industry.

Oasis Outsourcing, one of the nation’s largest Professional Employer Organizations. Developed and facilitated a customized voice mastery development program for the national sales team, enabling them to improve sales results when speaking to influence prospects and partners.

Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global specialty pharmaceutical company
, Helped inside sales reps improve their sales results and enhance their confidence when speaking to influence distracted and harried doctors, health professionals, and office staff.

Learning outcomes:

  • Master vocal trust triggers
  • Develop persuasive speaking skills
  • Enhance empathy in customer service
  • Boost sales results with proven voice mastery techniques
  • Create an enhanced sense of credibility, authenticity, reliability and security in communications
  • Fix blind spots in speaking which undermine credibility
  • Command attention in selling
  • Become a more vibrant, confident communicator
  • Enhance leadership communication skills, improving the performance of teams
  • Break down communication silos between departments

Building Trust With Your Voice ™ is an innovative eLearning program where learners discover how to master vocal inflection, tone, rate of speech and diction to project greater credibility, authenticity and reliability in sales and customer service. Designed by an award-wining instructional design team and featuring interactive videos with live actors and state-of –the-art animation, Building Trust With Your Voice has 4 training modules plus a fun, interactive game where participants attempt to make a sale using their newly acquired voice mastery skills.

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